VWGC Days 18-19 july at Bassella

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We can’t wait anymore!

After the 2020 VWGC being moved to November we couldn’t wait more time witout meeting the VWGC family. That’s why next July we’ll be celebrating the 1st Edition of the VWGC days.

So yes, the weekend of the 18th 19th July it will take place in Bassella, in the catalan Pyrenees, the first VWGC Days; this event will be a family weekend with off-road activities, bbq and camping area, pool, etc. Everything in the same place, in Bassella Experiences.

The idea, to share a nice couple of days with the same Challenge Spirit than in Morocco, but in the north of Spain, in a fantastic and nice place. If you can’t come this year don’t worry, because the idea is to do this event every single year. In any case, and if you can figure it out, just come! You won’t regret it!

We’ll be waiting for you

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