Our Team

Dani Blasco and Dani de Quadras started working together in 2011. The first edition of VWGC they organized was in 2012. Since then, in addition to the Vw Golf Challenge, they have launched many other trips together. Currently, most of its business revolves around organized experiences for some of the most prestigious car brands on the market. However, the Vw Golf Challenge occupies a special place in their hearts.

“It’s not just another experience. It’s where it all started, and we’ll continue with it forever.”

This are the 2 organisers behind the Vw Golf Challenge:

Dani Blasco


I am passionate about cars since I was a kid, and my relationship with Golf is started already then. The family car at home was a mk2 Golf mk2, so since then I’ve always loved Golfs.

When I was 19 I bought my first GTI, and since then I have never stopped having Golfs.

In 2010, together with a good friend of mine, we left for my first “Vw Golf Challenge”, going from Barcelona to Nordkap through Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. After a spectacular 4300 kms journey we achieved our goal.

After this great adventure it came to my mind the idea of going to the desert with Golfs, and so we did one our later. Thus, in 2012 we celebrated the first Vw Golf Challenge among friends and family. The rest is history that continues to be written year after year with the great Challenger family, which today has people of more than 10 nationalities and growing year after year.

Dani de Quadras


Dani de Quadras is an expert at organising great adventures all around the world,
from heliski in Canada to safaris in Botswana, but overall he is a Nord-Africa master. For more than 30 years he is been organising roadtrips and all kind of adventures in Morocco, with more than 60 expeditions to this country in his curriculum. When he was young he used to drive a Polo G40. Nowadays, a little less young, he is driving a Golf mk3 GTI Cabrio in daily bases.