FAQ Morocco

What is the VW Golf Challenge Morocco?

A non-competitive adventure in which solidarity, friendship and the pleasure of experiencing a unique experience are the ubiquitous elements. The main objective is to spend a wonderful week in Morocco while carrying out a solidarity action by delivering all the supplies that we bring to Morocco in the poorer regions of the country. The other goal is to become part of the VWGC family. In addition, it is an event with 0 emissions, since VW Golf Challenge plants trees in the Danis Forest, through the NGO Tree-nation, to eliminate the carbon footprint caused by the event itself.

¿When will take place next VWGC Morocco?

April 5ht to 12th 2025

¿How much does it cost?

1045€/ person. 290€/ car.

1 car, 2 people 2380

1 car 1 driver: 1335€

1 coche 3 people: 3425€

¿How many cars will take part in the event?

A limited number and we always get the sold out. To make sure you get your spot you need to register through our website and pay the initial 500€. This fee will not be given back if you decide to not take part in the event unless you provide us another team at least 60 days before the start of the event.

¿What is included in the registration?

Ferries, 7 nights hotel, dinners, challenges, travel insurance and official stickers. The official stickers will be given to you the starting day in Algeciras.

With your registration you will also be planting trees in the Danis forest, so that your Co2 emissions in the event will be compensate.

¿Where are we going to meet the rest of teams and Org?

Saturday starting the journey, 8.00h am in the Algeciras port- unless ferry companies would change timings

¿When we’ll be back to Spain?

Saturday 23rd we will take the ferry back to Spain. The ferry tiket is open so you will be able to take any ferry back to Spain depending on your needs

¿How is solidarity carried out?

Each crew must bring at least 15kg of supplies (school supplies, toys, children’s clothing etc). During the adventure, you will be informed of the poorest regions from the organization, and each crew will have to stop as soon as possible to reach as many families as possible. Apart from that we will also stop in some schools that we already know.

¿Accepted cars?

Golf mk1, mk2, mk3, mk4, mk5, Jetta mk1 and mk2, Vento, Polo, Scirocco, Corrado, Bora and Caddy. If you want to participate with another VW you can ask us.

¿What is the preparation needed for the car?

Mandatory: Sump guard protection, and fuel pump protection for the cars have it installed it under the car (Golf mk2). And 2 spare wheels with oem rims. It’s highly recommended to install higher suspensions.

¿Is there any technical restrictions regarding the car preparation?

No. The VWGC is not a competitive adventure, so there are no technical restrictions. The only limitation is your imagination and budget. In the previous VWGC we have had 100% original cars up to super preparations with Golf that looked like WRCs. Feel free. But in any case it’s absolutely mandatory to come with the car well serviced.

¿What is the best engine for this adventure?

In fact there is not a clear answer. In all the editions we had all kinds of engines. Since 1.6 carbu or 1.6GTD  up to 2.9Vr6 but also 8v and 16v. In our opinion though, it looks like one of the best options is carbu, GTI 8s or sync but there is not a clear option. Up to you.

¿What do I need for my car?

1 first aid kit, 1 fire extinguisher, tools, scotch, and necklaces. Also two rims with tyre (recommended gravel or winter tyres), a towing strap, a shovel, sand plates, and a smartphone app that can play tracks in GPX format. (like GPX viewer which costs 6 €) Sorry for insisting buy it is mandatory to service the car before leaving. Recommended: Fuel pump, gasoline and water hose, one coil. Anyway, rember that servicing the car and make sure it’s reliable is a MUST!

¿What % of road and off-road we’ll find in the adventure?

There is more road indeed, but of course, it is not the same 100 km of road that 50 kms of off-road or 10 km of sand. So keep don’t worry, because you will have the opportunity to get stuck in the sand, to cross rivers with your Golf, etc.

¿What should we do if we have a break down?

The VWGC spirit will always be there, and there will be other that will stop to help you, but remember that in VWGC there has no “official assistance” to help you out; breaking down is part of the adventure. In Morocco there are thousands of Golfs everywhere and  all the local mechanics know the Golf very well, so it’s quite easy to fix. It is possible to lose 1 stage if we have technical problems on our car before we can rejoin the group again and even spend 1 or 2 days alon, but that’s why we talk about ‘adventure. If you want less emotion you can go to a luxury resort on a 5 * Hotel in Rivera Maya. In any case, 90% of the breakdowns are repaired on site and continue. We never abandoned a team in Morocco … 😉 In any case, it is important to take with you some cash or credit card to be able to pay a major repair if needed! Our recomandation is 1000€ cash, that you will provably won’t need. But better to have and not need than other way round. If you brake the car in an off road track so that it can’t be towed by another car, the recovery by a 4×4 could be expensive. So be mindful before driving like a maniac in an offroad track. In any case we have a team of local mechanics following the VWGC that are always ready to help and fix your car if needed. Of course if you need their services you will have to pay for it.

¿What documents do I need to take?

To enter Morocco we need the Passport with an expiration at least 3 months after the date of our arrival in the country. (Members of CE ). When taking the ferry from Algeciras to Tanger Med you must take your passport with you, as the customs police are in the ferry to put your moroccan stamp in your pasport. So don’t forget your pasport in your Golf. The car entry is in the port once in Tanger med though.

¿And for the car?

Car documents and the insurance green card document. If the car is not registered in your name, you must have a signed authorization from the owner with a copy of his document of identity authorizing you to enter Morocco with his car. If the car is registered in the name of a company consult us. Once in the customs in Tanger Med port, the police will give you a little paper with your plate number. This document is very important and you must keep it with the car documents as you will have to give it back to the police when you will exit the country.

¿Do you need to decorate the car?

Of course! Because in the VWGC we love the beautiful decos! And on the other hand, it is a tradition among the challengers to decorate cars that come “without deco”, and you must know that in that case your car will be decorated with stickers of any kind. So you’d better start the adventure with the car already decorated by you

¿What temperature will we have during the adventure?

Normally we will have days with high temperatures but also cold days. We must be well prepared, knowing that we can exceed 30º, but also arrive at negative temperatures in the High Atlas in the same week. Specially in the days we’ll spent in the desert don’t forget to drink water all day, and always have some bottles in the car.

¿Where are we going to sleep?

4 nights in hotel 2 camping in the desert. We will have double tents where to sleep with matress, you just need to bring a sleeping bag, a blanket and, a swimsuit and a towel.

¿Where are we going to eat?

Breakfast and dinners are included on the days we have Hotel. Lunch is up to you,  you can picnic or either stop in typical Moroccan restaurants. That’s the best option to discover the local gastronomy, which you will undoubtedly love.

¿What is the Moroccan currency?

The dirham. Aprox 10 dirhams = 1 €. We change the money once in Morocco when we arrive.

¿How much can I spend in Morocco?

Between 200 and 500 € in gasoline (it depends on whether you drive in 1.6 carbu or 2.9VR6) and + -200 € in lunches (it also depends on if you eat a lot). In any case, don’t forget the importance of taking a credit card or cash enough to pay repairs in case of big breakdown or just in case you need to buy expensive things (such as a carpet for your mother-in-law).But as said, we recomend you to take with you 1000€ in cash that you will probably never need, but just in case.

¿How we’ll be able to follow the route and complete the stages without getting lost?

Before you leave we’ll send you the tracks for your GPS so that you don’t get lost. Between that (and the Michelin map of Morocco you must buy) you should make it. The tracks we’ll send you are in * .gpx format. They can be readed by your laptops or GPS apps for your smartphone. We recomend GPX viewer -you have free and premium versions. But there are many many other gpx readers. In anycase make sure your track app works before starting the adventure

¿How will we deliver our school material, clothes and rest of help?

From Vw Golf Challenge we Will recomend you where to deliever tour stuff, and we Will even provide you a a List of schools/associations where to stop and and leave help.

¿Other important things to take in the adventure?

The sleeping bag, the shovel, some tools, the sand plates, the towing strap, an aid kit and a extinguisher. Also, of course, a disguise and water pistols. We also recommend you to bring a tablet to follow the tracks, it’s always better and more practical thant the phone. We repeat thing, buy men, every year we have people who don’t bring what we ask, and then they are in trouble, and we don’t want that.

¿How will you be able to contact the organisation if needed during the adventure?

With the Moroccan phone numbers that you will be given, and that you can contact almost all the time.

¿How I will receive updates and important informations regarding the adventure?

There are 2 official whatsapp groups for the challengers. 1st one is for communications where only the Danis can right. At least 1 of the members of every team must be there. The 2nd group is for all the participants taking part in the adventure, but is more of an informal chat. You can only access these groups once you have formalised the registration and made the 1st payment.

Other useful tel. numbers (with +212)

Ambulance/firemen: 150
Highway assistance: 5050
Hotels where we’ll be staying —> in the dossier we’ll give you

¿Alcohol is legal in Morocco?

Yes, absolutely. But it’s hard to buy. So if you want to drink during the adventure, you’d better take it from Spain or France.
If you have more questions let us know