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Este fin de semana se celebró en el Circuito de velocidad de Alcarràs la primera Cencerro Race del año. Este carrera de 6h de resistencia destaca por su carácter desenfadado y su espíritu divertido, razón por la cuál desde Vw Golf Challenge participamos por segunda vez en uno de estos eventos.

The cars accepted in the test must be worth less than € 1500 and have less than 150hp, so the Golf 3 GTI is a perfect car for the occasion. In this race all teams must be disguised, and our choice was Mr. Bean, once again. Not only did we paint our GTI with the colors of the legendary Mini, but we took  a full-scale Mr. Bean as codriver. Although this time we took him inside the car, not like in the last edition when we took him on the roof …  Among all the participants we could see other challenger teams like the Ninja Brodels who returned  with their GTI of the ninja turtles!

So, we had a great time and we will surely repeat experience!

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