The final countdown has started and there are only a couple of months remaining for the start of the Vw Golf Challenge Morocco. So we hope all your Golfs are all ready for the big adventure.

The official meeting point this year will be in the pre-embarquing area in the port of Algesiras, remember to be there on the saturday the 23th of march. https://goo.gl/maps/xjdZjmGzbEu

The meeting time will be around 9.00h, but we’ll confirm you in the next weeks.

That means that if you want to buy spanish beer, jamón ibérico, water pistols, the costume or other important stuff you’ll have to do the shopping before saturday.

You have all the important information regarding the challenge in the FAQ, but again:

Don’t forget to check if your car insurance covers you in Morocco!

Make sure that you have the insurance GREEN CARD with you!

Make sure that you take your passports and the documents of the car with you -and that the car is registered on your name -if not ask-.

Take all the fournitures you want to deliever in the poorest regions of Morocco!

This year yo must take your sleeping bag with you, but you don’t need to take your tent. In the camps we’ll have a big haima where we’ll sleep all together. Unless you prefer to take your own tent in case you are sensitive to other people snooring… Up to you!

Don’t forget that Vw Golf Challenge is not a competition, it’s a great adventure full of solidarity where all the challenge family -you are a member now- will share an unforgettable experience.

We all help each other if there’s need. We have fun together, we respect not only the locals, but also the other challengers, the enviroment… That’s the VW Golf Challenge Spirit, the most important pillars of the VWGC. Respect, generosity, good energy, fun… So remember, this is the challenge! Don’t get stressed. Never!

Even if you have a break down, or if you get stuck somewhere and miss the group for some hours or even one day. No worries, in Morocco there are always solutions. Just live the experience with intensity enjoying every single moment. Ask to Philippe his experience of breaking the engine in the middle of nowhere and finding another one to replace it and being able the finish the stage between 24h. This is the Challenge as well! If you don’t want any surprises just go to a cruise in the Mediterranean sea. But VWGC is different!


TIC TAC TIC TAC See you soon!

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