2021 edition sold out!


Hey challengers!

What a year is ending, 2020 oh my god. We will never forget, no. But as always in our family, we are still keeping the good mood and, being positive.

In any case, we really look forward to go to Morocco for the VW Golf Challenge in April 2021 as planned. We have a crazy need, and we trust that will be able to go for the adventure without further delay. It will take some time to find out, but we are confident that it will. Morocco is opening up again little by little and the horizon looks a little less dark than a few months ago. Meanwhile, we announce that the adventure for 2021 is sold out. Once again. It is clear that the desire to live a unique experience again does not disappear, but it rises.

On the other hand, there is all the school material, clothes and other stuff that we all have ready to bring there. Without a doubt, in the next edition we will have more than ever before! And obviously we want to be able to deliver it as soon as possible to those who need it most. Let’s not forget this is one of the bases of the adventure!

We miss you so much, we don’t have to tell you, but let’s stay positive. Every day we are closer to our next meeting, and without a doubt, this will be special!
Poweeeeer!! Go Challengers go!!

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