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After an intense week the Danis spent in Morocco, everything is ready for the Vw Golf Challenge 2020. And with many new features. The 8th edition of the Vw Golf Challenge will undoubtedly be the most offroad in history, with many more tracks won’t be as hard as in prevoious editions so that you can enjoy more the driving having to worry less about the mechanics. Likewise, we will drive deeper in the rural Morocco, discovering countless lost villages in the middle of nowhere with incredible charm.

And no problem, we’ve made sure that you won’t get lost. Just follow the signs LOL

As for accommodations, during this week we have also made changes. One thing is clear, these will improve. A part from the fantastic Hotel Chergui, we’ll stay in other new and nice hotels we’re sure you will enjoy. There is only one special change: there will be a SPECTACULAR camp in the middle of nowhere, expressly organized for us by the Xaluca group in a very authentic enclave. This camp will have a restaurant, shower, and bathrooms. However, you must bring your own tent, unless you prefer to have a private one installed by the organization that will have a small additional cost (we will give you details in an upcoming email). Finally, we will spend the last night in a hotel that will be completely at our disposal, to be able to make the most crazy party in the Challenge!

Regarding our solidarity action, in this 8th edition you will have more opportunity than ever to distribute material, since we will be much more in touch with the most rural and poor Morocco. We will remind you again later, but think of driving very carefully through the villages where we will pass!

In any case, what you must know is that the Danis we are absolutely excited about the 8th edition of the Vw Golf Challenge, even if we are already working like crazy to make sure that every single challenger will enjoy this great adventure. The countdown keeps going. See you very soon!!

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