An inevitable news: VWGC postponed to Octobrer 2021. But!

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Due to the circumstances that we all know related to the Covid and all its affectations both at a health level and mobility restrictions, we are forced to move the dates of the Vw Golf Challenge again. From 10-18 April to 23-31 October

It is not an easy decision to make, but it is clear that even if we are almost 2 months to go before the scheduled start date, the situation in Europe does not invite us to be optimistic at all, regarding health crisis and mobility restrictions. That is why we officially postpone the event once again.

In spite of everything, we don’t want to lose our caracteristic good humor, since it would be like renouncing to our principles. So take your phone, and make a video while you have a beer, a glass of wine, or whatever you prefer thinking of the Challenge family, while sending a cheerful message! We will make a compilation video to raise our spirits.

On the other hand we are organising a 4 day event from 14 to 18 April in Spain. An event with offroad tracks, desert and many surprises in order to allow the family to rejoin. We will also give the option of taking part only the weekend. We are looking forward to meet you all again.

Hugs and we keep in touch as always,

The Danis

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