First Morocco, then Romania


This 2018 we are celebrating the 6th edition of the Vw Golf Challenge Morocco. That’s why we thought that it might be the right moment to start a new project, a new adventure in a new Destination that we already know and that we are pretty sure you will like: Romania. With less off road but more astonishing roads, we would have our first romanian challenge this next August, as a Test edition. We know Romania is quite far, as Morocco, but the beauty of the country, it’s roads, towns and inmense nature worth it going. Transilvania, the Castles, the Dracula story, Carpathians..

So if you haven’t plan your summer holidays yet, you invite you to sign up for this great adventure. Plus for this occasion you won’t have to prepare your Golf, because there are no modifications required, so you can do the whole adventure in a 100% stock car. We’ll also have off road, but only through easy tracks without rocks. We’ll also drive through the astonishing Transfagarasan road across the Carpathians, considered one of the best roads around the world. This new VwGC will take place from 18th to 25th Agust 2018. Are you joining us? All the information already available in our website. Price 745€/pax

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