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As you may now know, we like to make a new poster for every VWGC edition. It’s a tradition and we don’t want to change it. Soon we’ll discover for you the VWGC2021 one, but first let us tell you about the story behind the 2020 one…

If you are observers, you will have noticed that, in addition to the presence Mariano the panda, there is another curious element. This is the Golf license plate, with the letters LV, from Latvia. It may seem strange … Why put a license plate from that country to the poster’s Golf? If we never had a car coming from there? Well, there is an explanation that some of you may already know. The license plate lv FS-7170 matches that of a real car: Zigmunds Golf.

Sigmunds was the father-in-law of one of the Danis organizing the challenge, the father of his wife Baiba. A little over a year ago, Dani was photographed with him and his Golf in Latvia. Unfortunately, today 4/21/20 exactly a year ago, Zigmunds sadly left us.

After that, it was decided his Golf’s licence plate to the VWGC2020 poster’s golf mk3, a small tribute to keep him in our memory.

Dani next to Zigmunds Golf, soon after he left us.

And this is the story behind the 2020 VWGC poster, a nice tribute executed by David Blasco, the great artist behind all the work

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