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We are in a very atypical year. The Covid pandemic has caused us to cancel the VW Golf Challenge very shortly before its celebration.

Now however, after a few convulsive months, it seems that things start to go back to normality.

Morocco has started reopening the country to tourists. So it seems that we will soon be able to return to this country that we love, admire and respect so much. From Vw Golf Challenge we follow all the news related to this issue closely, and despite the fact that our desire is to return to normality, safety will go always first. Patience.

And as a curiosity we will tell you that March 2020 was not the first postponed Challenge;
In 2013 we already postponed the VWGC, but on that particular case, due to the low number of participants. Now, with a waiting list to sign up for each and every edition, the situation is very different. But as usual, and despite de problems, we won’t loose the good humor and a good spirit.

See you very soon! We miss you!

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