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Most of you have already taken part in previous Vw Golf Challenge, so you already know what are the bases of the adventure. In any case it’s always good to remind them, specially for those who come for the first time.


Not only to the rest of challengers and the organisers, but also to the local people. When we have guests we like them to respect us right? well, when we are in other countries with other cultures we need to show the same!


In Vw Golf Challenge we are a big family and there’s no difference between all of us. We all help each other, we all share what we have … It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. This is as it is. Welcome to the great oasis of life called VW GOLF CHALLENGE!


Obviously we all do the Vw Golf Challenge because it is a really great adventure. However, we do must not forget one of the purposes of doing it: Distribute all the school supplies, clothes and toys that we provide with us. Our recomandation is to live with intensity the experience of delivering your material at each stop, sharing time with the local people. Try not to focus on taking but on making of this experience unforgettable for both sides.

Yep, taking part in this adventure means having fun. All day all night. No place for bad mood or bad energy. That’s why it’s said that VW Golf Challenge it’s like a f****** drug. Because it makes you happy 24 hours a day. Plus there is Derek. Whay could go wrong? Well ask the camels…
In any case the only problem is that once you try it you will never be able to rehab. But who cares! You can already sign up for 2021, and 2022, 2023… Long life to the challenge!

5-Adventure… but with “Vw Golf Challenge Spirit”

You already know it, but we like to insist on it. Vw Golf Challenge is not a rally, nor a competition, but a real adventure. And in the concept “adventure” there are unforeseen events, surprises, improvisations. Although we work hard to anticipate everything, you can still break down in the middle of nowhere, and see yourself forced to improvise. Even before leaving we are pretty sure that many of you will have to make repairs, maybe lose a stage and sleep in a small cottage, or somewhere … some of the challengers are experts on that haha. It is a tradition, and that is is adventure too. But don’t worry, in Morocco there are always solutions. So live the problems with with intensity anjoying them, because you will be generating memories for the rest of your life. And no, we have never forgotten anyone in Africa … until now! In any case, keep always your Vw Golf Challenge Spirit, never leaving another team behind on his own, keep always positive and if all goes wrong, just have a break and have a drink.


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