3rd year of Team Ausatel Aprentiksolidari at VWGC

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In Vw Golf Challenge we are very proud of all the teams that year after year they come back to our adventure. So many of them have taken part in not only 1 but, 2, 3, 4 and even 6 times in the Raid. One of those teams are the Austatel and Aprentik solidari, coming for the 3rd time in 2019.

This is not very unusual, though, we want to talk about them because for the last years they have been organising during the adventure great activities and classes about robotics for local kids. Not only that, but in this 2019 they will be bringing more than 50 anoraks for kids, given by La Molina Ski ressort, thanks to their close partnership. Those anoraks will be delivered in the Atlas mountains, one of the coldest and poorest regions of Morocco. That’s why we wanna give a big THANKS to them, because is with this kind of attitude that our adventure gets bigger, as the good impact in the regions we cross.

We want also tank every single team that thatis part of this big family called VW Golf Challenge, simply because is thanks to them that we can improve year after year. And now it’s already the 7th! Go Challenge family, go!

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